In today’s business environment, versatility and the ability to take full advantage of technological innovations are the key elements of success in the digital era. Technological advances are shaping the business environment at an ever-increasing pace. New forms of transformational leadership are needed. In the world of complexity, only high-performing organizations survive.

For Whom?

Tech EMBA program is designed for business developers, managers and directors in all industries. You will gain the tools and techniques for renewing your business and organization with technology, systemic thinking, transformational leadership and innovations. We promise to challenge your thinking.

This is How We Do it

We combine the latest theory with real business experiences in order to build our own, new frameworks for succesful business leaders. The people-centric, result-oriented leaders are skilled in critical thinking and decision-making and can simplify complex issues for their peers. Their skills in information retrieval, presentation, sales pitching and negotiation will all be perfected throughout the EMBA course.


Benefits of the Program for the Participant

  • Modern management and leadership tools for business renewal
  • Coaching for both individual leadership process and organizational development process
  • Learning from other participants and program’s experienced professionals

Benefits of the Program for the Organization

  • Immediate support for the renewal process (via Project work)


Academic Director of the Program


Prof. Saku Mäkinen

Saku Mäkinen works in the intersection of innovation management and competitive strategy. He is an expert in managing value creation, designing product strategy and competitive advantage.

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Part 1 Instructors

Reijo Tuokko

Reijo Tuokko

Reijo Tuokko is International Cooperation Manager at DIMECC Oy and Professor Emeritus at Tampere University of Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Systems. He has 40 years’ industrial and academic experience in discrete manufacturing, robotics and manufacturing automation.

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Kari Koskinen

Kari Koskinen

Kari Koskinen is a professor and head of Department of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Systems at Tampere University of Technology.

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Marko Seppänen

Marko Seppänen

Marko Seppänen works as a Professor at Tampere University of Technology in the field of Industrial Management, with a particular focus on business networks development. Research activities are organized around business ecosystems, networks and innovations.

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Tomi Kankainen

Tomi Kankainen

Tomi Kankainen has an extensive experience on technology and product management, R&D and manufacturing in the fields of mechanical industry and ICT. His aspiration is to create exceptional experiences through understanding the real user needs coupled with innovative use of technology. He works as a Director of Product Development at Link Design and Development Oy.

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Program Structure

The Executive MBA in Business Renewal, Tech EMBA, is an intensive, two-year part-time executive education program taught in English.

The Program typically takes about two years. Previously completed studies can be included in an EMBA Program within five years from their completion.

Part Credits
Executive modules

  1. Rethinking Business
  2. Rethinking Organisation
  3. Rethinking Innovation
60 cr
EMBA Project 5 cr
Electives 15 cr

Program Contents & Schedule

Tech EMBA Structure

How to apply?

The next Tech EMBA Program starts in November 2016. The closing date for applications is November 15, 2016.

The group of Executive MBA participants is carefully selected by the EMBA staff at Tampere University of Techology. We select a maximum of 25 experienced and talented professionals for the first Tech EMBA Program. See Requirements.

The tuition fee for the Program 2016-2018 is € 28 000 + VAT.

Open Application Form

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